Welcome from the School Leadership Team

Welcome to our school

Cambridge Steiner School is a small non-selective, co-educational independent school and is part of the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.  We provide a dynamic and progressive education for children aged 2 to 14 years.  Situated on a single site, located on the outskirts of Cambridge in the delightful village of Fulbourn, we welcome children from all over Cambridgeshire and beyond.

At the Cambridge Steiner School, we strive to give children the gift of an education that will nourish the whole life of the child. To this end, the academic, social, moral, and spiritual growth of every child is held as a central objective of our education. Children’s capacities and personal abilities are helped to unfold by providing them with a rich and carefully planned curriculum that enhances their own natural developmental growth.

Our Early Years teachers strive to build a bridge between home and school. Children of this age learn through imitating the world around them. We aim therefore to provide an example worthy of imitation and to nurture the child’s imagination. The foundation skills in literacy and numeracy are laid through an environment rich in hands-on activity and play and where language and communication are enabled through a rich oral tradition.  The mixed age group also mirrors family life and encourages children to both to learn from, and guide one another.

In the Lower School, our interdisciplinary, theme-based and experiential approach to education promote observation and personal involvement. Learning is experienced, explored and savoured to create a life-long love of learning.  Teaching integrates art, creativity, movement and music with academic learning, taking account of each stage of child development and teaching children in an order and with methods that best suit their age. Children become confident, resilient, sociable and able young people equipped for the next steps in their educational journey.

Through our innovative outdoor education (Lower School)/ woodland programme (Early Years), children learn how to keep themselves and each other safe while developing a sense of a healthy risk-taking.  A natural environment surrounds them, both beautifully simple and endlessly rich - the perfect place for discovery, creativity, and imagination to flourish. The physical activities outdoors and connection with nature help develop self-confidence and wellbeing.  

Our school community encompasses families from diverse cultural, racial and socio-economic backgrounds. We offer a warm welcome to all, regardless of culture, creed, race, gender, sexuality or disability and promote an ethos of mutual respect and tolerance for all.

We warmly invite you to visit us to discover more about life at Cambridge Steiner School.

Cambridge Steiner School Coordination Team