Ethos and Values

Each person is a whole world, a unique creation inspiring deep wonder and respect.

At the heart of humanity there beats the impulse toward freedom and social justice, the longing for peace, and the belief in one’s ability to meld into the creation of the experience of community life, in which one’s destiny can be fulfilled.

Our teaching is based on three core values:
Creativity – Fostering learner readiness and independent thinking
Connection – Promoting sustainability, social justice, respect and wellbeing
Care – Safeguarding our children now, preparing them for their future challenges

At Cambridge Steiner School we pursue an education of the whole child, nurturing head, heart and hand – thought, feeling and action –through a broad curriculum of arts-based and experiential learning. Our intention is to foster free thinking individuals, with a strong connection to nature and deep respect for each other. We envision a school which provides for the timely development of our children and the ongoing development of our staff, preserving in everyone curiosity, wonder, imagination and the desire to learn.