Woodworking School

On Wednesdays after school we are running a Woodworking School for children from age 8 to 14. Lessons are run every Wednesday during term time from 15:15 for children from the Cambridge Steiner School and 15:30 for children coming from other schools in the area. The sessions finish at 16:45 and 17:00 respectively. The number of places in the school is limited to 8 children.


The Woodworking School is inspired by the principles of Sloyd education.  Sloyd is a system of craft-based education started in Finland in 1865. Some of its main principles are to develop independence and self-reliance, teach the habits of order, accuracy, cleanliness and neatness, to train the eye to see accurately and to appreciate a sense of beauty in form; to develop the sense of touch and to give general dexterity to the hands, develop habits of attention, industry, perseverance and patience.  The Sloyd movement spread very quickly around the world and it was part of national curriculum in many countries until the beginning of the 20th century. Woodworking based on Sloyd principles is still taught in schools in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark today.


If you would like to enroll your child or would like more information about the Woodworking School please do not hesitate to contact Andor Vince at vinceandor@outlook.com or call 07952635317.