The Natural Environment

The curriculum respects the restorative benefits of the natural world. We have our own Outdoor curriculum and Outdoor Classroom Teacher. The Outdoor programme includes outdoor crafts: pottery, green woodwork, basketry, (flint knapping and metal work lead by external providers). Children experience harvesting and purifying the clay as well as building kilns. It also includes outdoor games, practical outdoor activities linked to the Main lesson, bush crafts and nature walks, foraging, tracking, navigation, weather forecasting and expedition planning. Each class has an Outdoor day in which they spend from 11:15-15:00 outdoors. The Outdoor curriculum runs parallel to the Main Lessons following the same themes where possible and enriching and deepening the children’s experience of them. Craft and project-based lessons run in the school grounds, we also visit local Wildlife Reserves regularly. A range of field trips connected to the curriculum also form part of the Outdoor Curriculum.