Religious Education

The moral and spiritual well-being of the children is nurtured by developing a strong sense of belonging for all children whatever their faith background. This is achieved through a calendar of seasonal festivals from around the world that the school celebrates together. A sense of reverence and an attitude of tolerance and respect towards each other is encouraged and modelled by the teachers and reinforced by verses said at the beginning and end of the day. Festivals from different religious traditions are celebrated, particularly when a child within the class is part of a religious community. World religions and the diverse cultures that embody them are studied during the Main lesson blocks including stories, songs and dances: Stories of holy people and Saints from diverse traditions in class 2, Judaism in class 3, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism and Hinduism in class 5, Islam and Christianity in Class 6. Pupils develop a well-informed understanding of world religions and a strong sense of the value of community and of the wonder of the natural world. Through the Outdoor curriculum, we attempt to foster a deep connection and love of the natural world. The Rites of Passage curriculum which is part of our Outdoor Curriculum aims at guiding the child to a deeper sense of self-awareness and purpose and into exploring the bigger questions in life for themselves. It also encourages them to develop open and trusting relationships with their peers and to talk about personal and profound matters with them.