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Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship

The SWSF is the membership organisation for all the Steiner schools and independent Steiner Early Years settings in the UK and Ireland.

Website: www.steinerwaldorf.org

Waldorf Worldwide

The Freunde Waldorf is an international site linking Waldorf projects across the globe.

Website: www.freunde-waldorf.de/en/

Articles and Press

A report was published in 2005 called "Steiner Schools in England" by Philip Woods, Martin Ashley and Glenys Woods of the University of West of England, Bristol. One of the recommendations in this report is quoted below and could be taken as a summary of some of the differences between Steiner and maintained-sector approaches to education:

"Government, LEAs, maintained and Steiner schools and the SWSF to explore the potential of the following to inform practice in maintained schools:

  • early introduction and approach to modern foreign languages
  • the combination of class and subject teaching for younger children
  • development of speaking and listening through an emphasis on oral work
  • the development of a good pace in lessons through an emphasis on rhythm
  • the emphasis on child development in guiding the curriculum and examinations
  • the approach to art and creativity
  • the attention given to teachers’ reflective activity and heightened awareness (in collective child study for example)
  • collegial structure of leadership and management, including collegial study."

The Cambridge Primary Review is an independent enquiry into the condition and  future of primary education in England. It is based at the University of Cambridge, supported by Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and directed by Professor Robin Alexander. One recommendation of the review is for school education (not Early Years/kindergarten) to start at age 6. This is exactly what happens at a Steiner  school.

In this section of the website you will find articles relating to Steiner education from the press in the form of newspaper cuttings and online articles.


Recommended Books

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The Incarnating Child  Joan Almon (Hawthorn Press)

School as a Journey  Torin M. Finser (Steiner Books)

The Education of the Child  Rudolf Steiner (Steiner Books)

Education Towards Freedom  Frans Calgren (Floris Books)

Waldorf Education  Christopher Clouder (Floris Books)

All Year Round  Ann Druitt, Christine Fynes-Clinton (Hawthorn Press)

Games Children Play  Kim Brooking-Payne (Hawthorn Press)