Policies, Handbooks and Forms

Cambridge Steiner School Policies are available here on our website below and are also available in hard copy on request from the school reception or by emailing: school@cambridge-steiner- school.co.uk

CSS Biting Policy June 2022

Policies and Procedures

Accessibility Plan
Admission Policy
Assessment Policy and Procedure in Lower School
Assessment and Observation Policy in Early Years
Attendance Policy
Attendance Information Summary for Parents
Bursary and Hardship Fund Policy and Procedure
Candle Safe Use Policy
Careers Guidance and Access for Education Policy
Code of Conduct for All Adults Working in School
Complaints and Concerns Policy and Procedure
Curricular Activities CSS_5-7 Years
Curriculum Policy
Data Protection Policy (including SAR appendix)
English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy
Equal Opportunities and Inclusion Policy
Extreme And Outdoor Weather Procedure
EYFS and 5-7 Curriculum Statement for Parents
First Aid Policy
Health and Safety Procedures for Outdoor Classroom ES
Health and Safety Policy
Home Visits Policy
ICT and Internet Acceptable Use Policy
Intimite Care Policy
Late Collection of Children Policy
Leave of Absence Request Policy and Procedure
Lower School Curriculum Outline and Framework for Literacy, Numeracy, and Science
Missing Child Procedure
Physical Handling Policy
Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy (Early Years)
Positive Behaviour and Discipline Policy, including Exclusion Guidance
Positive Playground Behaviour Policy
Prevention of Bullying Policy
Prevention of Bullying Policy: A Project by Class 5/6 May 2019
Procedure for a Required Withdrawal
PSHE and SMSC Education Policy
Register Use Policy and Procedure
Remote Learning Policy
RIsk Assessment Policy
RSE Policy
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
Safe Recruitment Policy
Security Policy And Procedures
School Readiness Policy
School Trips and Educational Visits Policy
Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy
Staff Supervision and Development Policy
Stretch and Challenge Policy
Supervision of Children Policy
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy April 2020
Traveling To and From School Independently Policy
Use of Mobile Phones and Technological Devices Policy
Visiting Speakers Policy
Whistleblowing Policy


Early Years Handbook , School Year 2021–2022
Lower School Handbook , School Year 2021-2022


Bursary Application Form 2019-20
Staff Application and Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form
Leave of Absence Request Form
Travelling To and From School Independently
Travel/Collection Consent Form
Parental Agreement for School to Administer Medicine