Physical Education

There is both integrated and discrete physical education. Integrated physical education includes the movement exercises that come at the beginning of the Main Lesson to help the pupils to settle their focus for learning. The use of rhythm and movement may come into many lessons, such as maths where pupils, for example, may throw and catch beanbags as they recite times tables, or a foreign language, where pupils might follow a sequence of movements when learning parts of the body. Weekly games lessons include a wide range of team games. In the younger classes, games are often introduced with a story so that the physical activity has an imaginative focus. Around Class 5 the ancient Greek Olympic events are introduced: running, jumping, discus and javelin. Ball games are introduced with rules tailored to the age group. From Class 6 to class 8, formal sports are taught. This takes place at a local sports hall and introduces the pupils to a broad range of activities including football and badminton, basketball, handball and volleyball.