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The job of modern parents is becoming more and more demanding, trying to balance the stress of life while also understanding the need and desire to be present and nurturing as a parent. Many seek just a small island of calm and peace, a space to be held. And that's exactly what we offer in our Parent and Child group.

As the leader of the group, it is a gift for me to observe how new children settle quickly into the simple and consistent rhythm, how parents come away feeling a little lighter, more positive and with tools to help deal with the noise and pace of our world. I feel privileged to be a guest for part of the way alongside adults and children's unique journeys together.

Emma Marshall, Parent & Child Leader

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Snowdrops Parent and Child Group

The Snowdrops Parent and Child Group is a supportive and nurturing environment for both child and parent. It is suitable for children from around eighteen months to three years. It is a weekly gathering that takes place on Mondays-Thursdays 9.30- 11.30am. For more information or to sign up please contact us.

 The groups provide an opportunity for gaining a deeper understanding of the principles introduced in the Parent & Baby group and brings outdoor play, snack time, crafts for the adults,and song time supported with the use of song, rhythm and repetition.
This is an ideal place to meet other new parents and learn more about Steiner education. All families are warmly welcomed. You may like to book a taster session before joining. Please contact the school for more information.

As young children are getting to inhabit and know their physical bodies, the emphasis in the sessions is on supporting the developing senses of self-movement and balance by not intervening with the natural processes, as well as supporting self-initiated and self-directed free-play which is essential for developing lifelong skills such as self-regulation, creative thinking, problem-solving and conflict resolution.

The young child’s consciousness is dream-like and much is done to protect this natural state. Songs are used to support transitions and we work with the young child’s need to imitate, role-modelling the qualities we wish to encourage to unfold from within the children, with joy and love.

The Morning Rhythm

The sessions are two hours long. The calm and peaceful rhythm becomes familiar to the child and offers a sense of security in its natural predictability.


We begin our gathering outside, come rain or shine, and while the children play freely, adults bond, make new friendships, share their joys and challenges, and support each other. From here, we go inside, put on our slippers, wash our hands and take our place around the table to have a healthy snack.

Once we’ve cleared the table and tidied up together, the adults will work on their seasonal craft on the sofas, while the children play freely. Our simple toys are made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton, silk, and wood, providing sensory nourishment in their softness, weight and texture.

We have a ten to fifteen minute spell of quiet observation time. The adults are still, modelling purposeful activity with their craft-work, and creating a peaceful, holding environment which helps the children feel secure and able to engage in their play. It also provides an opportunity for the adults to sit back and truly observe what comes out from within the children without adult intervention. We are there if they need us, of course.

'Tidy-time' is initiated with a song about a little dusty gnome ( which you will find yourself using also at home in no time) We then come together for song-time accompanied by beautiful felted/knitted animals and ‘treasures’ from nature. As the adults sing and focus on creating their own movements with joy, children will absorb the mood, naturally imitate and create their own gestures in their own time.

Seedlings Parents and Baby Group

Fridays 9.30 to 11am - Click here for Seedlings Flyer 

For a free 'taster' session, contact Emma at 

My son and I fell in love with Emma’s classes straight away. The combination of time outside, community, free play and familiar songs is so enjoyable and soothing for both of us. We have brought the songs and stories into our home. More than that, I have learned that I can rest, pursue my own interests or just watch while my son plays. I have learnt that this gives so much to us both. This is a real gift of the Steiner approach .

Libby, mother of a 21-month-old boy

Our little one thrives on exploring, experimenting and laughing at Snowdrops.  The group provides a lovely balance of freedom and rhythm, giving the children space to explore and to express themselves and their interests, within the comfort of a familiar pattern of activities.  We particularly value the time spent exploring outdoors in the lovely garden, and the songs, which my little one loves to talk about and do the actions to at home. There are always big smiles when we talk about going to Snowdrops!

Zoe, mother of a 21-month-old girl

The P&C groups offer an inspiring space to share parenting views. Opportunities to discuss how others see, think and do things. A truly lovely community that welcomes everyone and helps parents do the best that they can do! P&C groups offered me deep insights into what motherhood is. Learning about developmental stages and learning how to observe my child play has been an inspiration in my every day at home too.

Monica, mother of a 23-month-old girl

Booking is made on a half-termly basis for £42.50.

If you join part-way through a half-term the fee will be adjusted accordingly. Your first session is free. We hope to see you soon.