History of The School

Cambridge Steiner School has developed through the work and vision of many people over the years; like most fledgling Waldorf schools, it did not open its doors overnight.  A small parent and toddler group gradually grew from small gatherings in parents' living rooms in 1987, drawing in families through workshops and lectures, to open its first kindergarten in 1994. 

The school has been blessed by its pioneering families who were able to see beyond the dim and cramped surroundings of our previous premises.  They undertook many of the administrative roles, holding parent and toddler groups as volunteers, making crafts for our fairs and stalls and being the first friendly faces to greet new families.  The school continues to be inspired by the vision of its earliest teachers who helped guide the school through its infancy.  Together these teachers and families have left a legacy of school traditions that inspire new parents. 

Now, twenty-five years on, the Cambridge Steiner School has successfully moved premises to Fulbourn where  our primary school shares a building with four kindergartens and a parent and child group.  In today's fragmented society, the parents of the Steiner school have found a community whose benefits extend beyond the education and wellbeing of their own children to include that of their entire family.  The community of families is the caretaker of our school and assumes responsibility for its upkeep and management.  The teachers, trustees and parents of the Cambridge Steiner School are striving to develop further in the school and the community.