Bursary Fund and Support from the School


Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts are available, with a 20% discount for a second and any subsequent children. Parents will be invited to ‘gift aid’ this discount to the school where possible.

Community Bursary Fund

The Cambridge Steiner School is an independent body and charity that raises income through fees and donations in order to provide the best education possible while remaining financially viable. However, the school believes that Steiner/Waldorf education should be accessible to as many children and their families as possible.  Therefore families who find themselves unable to meet the required school fees for the year can apply to the Community Bursary Fund for financial assistance.  If you wish to apply for a bursary, please read our Bursary Policy and then complete the application form (download links below).

Award of a bursary is only made following an evidence-based means test which assesses your income, housing costs and assets.  Note that the school has a limited budget for fee assistance.  This means that we cannot guarantee awarding a bursary to any particular family even if they meet our eligibility and financial criteria.

Please note: A bursary application must be made for each school year.   Existing bursary recipients must reapply for the next academic year (previously agreed bursaries are not  rolled over into the coming year ).