School Meals

...mmm the smell that spreads in the school corridors just before lunch breaks, makes my mouth waters each time. This is such a delight and comfort knowing that the children and us, the staff members, receive everyday food which was prepared with care and love

We, your lively kitchen team, is working hard to prepare wholesome, delicious, vegetarian organic lunches every day.

The menu is based on organic seasonally available produce sourced as locally as possible.
We give extra care to balance every meal and are able to accommodate most diet-related allergies.
Each day is unique and sometimes you can hear the smaller children distinguish days as "rice day", "soup day".... we can say for certainty that "pizza day" is very popular 🙂

Lower School Autumn Term 2019 Menu

Rice and Lentil Stew with Vegetables‘Seasonal Soup’-
Leek and Potato
Pasta- baked with Vegetables, Bechamel and CheeseJacket Potatoes with Cheese and Butter,
Seasonal Roasted Vegetables on the side
Homemade Pizza
Seasonal Salad
Sourdough Bread and ButterSeasonal SaladSeasonal saladSeasonal Salad
Fruit Fruit Compote with YogurtFruitFruitApple Crumble

Gluten-free and dairy-free options available – please state when booking lunches.